Timeless [Merthur]
Drawing process of this

The Secret Mission of Last Christmas [DC Edition]

Pre-Christmas boredom with my sister and this happened XD Late upload, but… enjoy!

Shading Process for this.


Go! Bwah! Roy edition! :D

Trolala, cause we’re just too awesome to handle. c:

Kaldur/Roy • What’s Left of Me.

WARNING: Major spoilers for Young Justice up to 1x26 - Auld Acquaintance!
Dedicated to Royster c: (cheer up, broski ^^) 

Inspired by omniarcher’s post ^^

Cry me a river - Batman/Superman CRACK XDD

My mind is a weird place.

Happy birthday, Liz & Aly! ^____^ I know this is a bit late (I mean, it’s on time for Liz), buuut here! ^^ This is a little something we made for you guys (: Lots of love from Team Yellow ;)


A birthday gift for Tom Hiddleston by me and Mashy (:

Nika’s ‘Merry Christmas’ video C:

It is very confusing and awkward and pretty much all that can be produced from a socially awkward penguin like me. (sorry for the random cuts, they had to be done cause otherwise, my ‘uhmms’ and ‘aaahms’ made it too confusing too comprehend XD)

I love you all, my perfect followers ^^ <3 Merry Christmas!

Team Yellow’s 500 Miles (Merthur party)

Sooo somewhere among all the tinychat convos and random webcams and playlists, this became Team Yellow’s theme song :D

So we decided to do this video :D

P.S.: sorry for some typos, glitchiness & not-perfect lip synching, buuut this took ages to render & and everything kept freezing on me & not allowing me to preview it properly, sooo my nerves can’t handle repeating that XDD


Merlin/Arthur • Every mile and every year.

Dedicated to:

  • Loopy (loopygc), Ryan (colinwheel), Lily (inphamous/lilybells), Ari (sweetsinfulsmile)(for all the Merlin Skype nights, I love you all <3)
  • Merlinfangirl from yt (for always being amazing and supportive & for your Christmas Wishlist ^^)
  • lovelydreams2x (for her Christmas Wishlist)

Merlin Crack miniMIX

Errr… yeah, I have a weird sense of humor XD

Voldemort is awesome.

(So yeah… me and my friend were bored… and this happened. XD)

Highlights from a Harry Potter themed party :D

So we had a Harry Potter themed party (I went as Snape) with a couple of friends on Monday :D With random cocktails featuring as butterbeer & fire scotch… well, sort of XD And Skittles instead of the all flavoured beans XD 

Merlin Promo • Next Time (fanmade)

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