Look, Watch, See.
Doodling around and experimenting in between commissions because lineart refuses to work with me today :I

Of Stories and Art.
I made a deviantART ID (yes this is me welp)

Ikiteru. (Mink - DRAMAtical Murder)

I ended up liking him a ton more than I ever would have expected and then my hand slipped. 

Commission - Stand Ready
I’m still doing commissions, more info here (: 

A Hero and a Villain (Maleficent)

"In the end, my kingdom was not united by a hero or a villain as legend predicted, but by one who was both hero and villain.  Her name was Maleficent.”

Welcome Request #1 for weinersoldiier (Bucky as the Winter Soldier)

Peek-A-Boom. (dA)

Kieren/Simon (In the Flesh)"There’s what I believe in — and then there’s you."
Drawing these two after finishing the show felt obligatory.

Opening an art blog c:

Hello dearest followers who are still sticking with me after tons of inactivity and random derpiness!

I did a thing and I now have an art blog. Yes. I would like to get a bit more active in the art department, thus this. 

You can come follow me here. I’ve got a thing going on and you can win requests and shiz c:

Safe. (Birdflash, Young Justice)
For avenk, my amazing friend who doesn’t always know her amazingness (this is totally a word). ♥
Live Anyway. (dA)
Lyrium Bound (dA)
Silly vent art. 
Never mind me just trying to understand how Fenris’ face works, welp.
Sketchy sketch for a thing I may end up finishing later. (Fenders, inspired by Errant Apostate (x))
Dragon Age (or more like Fenris and Anders) random doodles.