Lyrium Bound (dA)
Silly vent art. 
Never mind me just trying to understand how Fenris’ face works, welp.
Sketchy sketch for a thing I may end up finishing later. (Fenders, inspired by Errant Apostate (x))
Dragon Age (or more like Fenris and Anders) random doodles.
Nightlit (dA)
Playing around with coloring/lightning styles. c:
The Crow That Stayed (dA)
Because Zevran.
Moonlight Irises. (dA) (Sirius/Remus)
B-day gift for my amazing friend, avenk. Happy belated b-day, yo! c:
The Unexpected King (Dragon Age: Origins)
So apparently fenrispenris only accepts birthday gifts in form of Alistair (and cash, but let’s face it, I’m broke), thus this. :B
Assassin (sketch request for uss-winterfell)
I tried drawing Thane. Emphasis on ‘tried’.
On the Side of the Angels (sketch request for mancamonster)
Come request stuffz here c:


Light Behind Your Eyes (dA)
I needed some Koy in my life again.
Soul Initialized (dA)
A collab with my epic artist bro, avenk ♥ Lines by her, coloring by me.
Subject Zero (dA)