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DC Comics: Publish a Digital 1st Young Justice Season 3 Series.


Want Young Justice to continue in some way. Digital comics is probably the least expensive and most realistic chance of telling more stories set in the Earth-16 universe. Especially given that Greg Weisman’s current future has him working on Star Wars: Rebels.  But working on a digital comic along with that doesn’t require as much attention from  someone as Young Justice as an animated series would IF it somehow came back for more seasons.  There’s little to no chance that Greg Weisman would be able to work on Young Justice as an animated series if the show somehow came back in animation.

Continuing the show in digital comic form is one of the few mediums out there that has a realistic shot of retaining 1 of Young Justice’s original creators. Not to mention being the least expensive.

While the number of people that have signed might be relatively small at the moment, I believe that has more to do with the fact that not many Young Justice fans know about this as a possible opportunity.

Yes, petitions don’t have the best reputations around.  But honestly, what have you got to lose by signing it anyways? Also a petition based on asking for a digital comic allegedly might not NEED as many numbers as a petition for wanting the show back. (Which would also be more expensive).

I also feel a realistic 1st goal for this is to at least show there’s interest in this.  Then somewhere down the road, DC MIGHT notice the interest and try to capitalize on an opportunity.

Again what have you got to lose by signing?

Let’s do this, folks!

You're adorable <3 Well, I do hope you succeed very soon and be a happy star again! I'll send you cheers each time I see your mood darken and hope I can help at least that one bit so you'll know you're not alone <3 I wish I could draw like you do... do you make any tutorials?
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Shhh, no you. <3

And thanks again! I will… give it my best ;)

I only made one tutorial a long way back, but it’s super outdated. I guess the closest thing to a tutorial could be this? But, if people would be interested, I could put together something more tutorial-like, I suppose ^^

papufruit replied to your photo “Live Anyway. (dA)”

stunning piece of art!

Thank you <3

Live Anyway. (dA)
I hope you are feeling better today. Y-day's anon, call me K as I once already poked out to you as K. your drawings are magnificent tho!
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Ahhh, it was you! <3 -squishes K-

I’m… working on it, I suppose. Kicking my mindset back into the positive position, slowly. Hopefully, it’ll get there soon.

Thank you for dropping by yesterday, it really, truly meant a ton to have someone hear me out. Sometimes small things like that really do help. So thanks again. (:

P.S.: Thank you so much for the compliment!


I know where I’m NOT gonna get married.

Everyone is missing half the world’s pleasure…When it comes to war I fight for Dorne. When it comes to love, I don’t choose sides.

( Prince Oberyn explaining sexuality better than anyone ever will (via arcticwankies) )

I just want to tell you that you're a sweet, beautiful and overall amazing person and (this is going to sound creepy, I'm sorry), even though you don't know who I am, I know you, also personally, enough to say that you don't deserve to be sad or down in any way. I hope that you get better soon and remember that there are people who love you as you are and support you even though you maybe don't know. <3
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Ah, I— Thank you, anon <3 I don’t know who you are, but it really means… a lot to hear it. 

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